How Yoga Promotes Earth Conservation 

How Yoga Promotes Earth Conservation

The United Nations World Tourism Organization has named 2017, International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. At Ceningan Yoga Shala, we believe that Yoga Promotes Earth Conservation. With this in mind, I take the opportunity to share some ways in which yoga can influence a year of sustainability through consciousness.

There’s a common misconception that yoga is practiced solely to increase flexibility and tone & tighten the physical body. Most people wouldn’t think that practicing yoga can have a major influence on our sense of earth conservation. In fact, most wouldn’t believe that it can actually encourage and inspire us to protect our home…the Earth. An article recently published in Elephant Journal beautifully describes “How Yoga Practice encourages us to protect our Home, the Earth

The word “yoga” literally translates to “union” or “yoke”—it teaches us that we are connected to Mother Earth and that every part of her is within us.

How Yoga Promotes Earth Conservation

Yoga brings us back to our natural state, a state of intuition and mindfulness, which increases awareness of our surroundings.

From the viewpoint of yoga, the body of the Earth is like our own body, a sacred and complex living organism.

How Yoga Promotes Earth Conservation Yoga Promotes Earth Conservation

Whether we realize it or not, when we spend time on our yoga mat we connect to the Earth. We become more aware of it and how we rely on it for support, stability, grounding, and energy. When we find true appreciation for something we tend to want to nurture and protect it so as to enjoy it fully. Those who practice yoga tend to spend more time outdoors – walking barefoot, swimming in lakes & seas and gardening so that they can experience their connection to the earth in many different ways.
Yoga is not just about time spent on a mat performing asana (postures). It is about giving ourselves the opportunity to slow down, be present, mindful and to connect to ourselves, our surroundings and other beings around us. Through this connection we build a deeper awareness of & appreciation for what is truly important.  Inevitably our relationship with ourselves, others and with nature begin to grow and flourish. Time and attention allows us to open up to realizations about what is most important to us. For example, our own health and happiness as well as that of those around us.  Things that are greatly dependent on our environment—our Mother Earth.

“Get inspired by what six passionate stewards of the environment did to reconnect to their commitment to protect the Earth. Then take a moment, a day or a week to nurture your own relationship with the planet, and let that inform your actions in the world.”

Yoga can be your vehicle to drive through 2017 with a conscious awareness of and deeper connection to the Earth. Naturally, your appreciation and desire to harness and protect its vital energy & support will follow.

Yoga can be an enabling force!

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